Canada has 10 lakh job vacancies! Full list of postings that can get you PR

Canada has 10 lakh job vacancies Full list ⇓ The unemployment rate in Canada stands at 5.8 per cent, the lowest in nearly 40 years. The country has a shortage of workers, which is a challenge for businesses, especially in the construction and agriculture sectors. The government reports that the country will need more than one million immigrants over the next three decades to fill labour shortages.Canada – Wikipedia

Trudeau said that Canada’s economy has been doing well and the country needs to ensure that this continues for future generations. “That’s why we need to make sure that we have enough people coming in to fill those jobs so that businesses can continue to grow, so that our economy can continue to do well,” he said. He added that Canada welcomes immigrants and the country is “built by immigration”.

Canada has 10 lakh job vacancies

Canada has 10 lakh job vacancies! Full list of postings that can get you PR

ccording to a recent report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, there are currently over 10 lakh job vacancies in Canada. This represents a record high for the country, and is evidence of a strong economy. The report also found that the majority of these vacancies are in the skilled trades and professional services industries.

Canada is currently planning to invite its highest ever number of permanent residence (PR) in 2022 with a target of over 430,000.If you are looking to apply for PR Canada (permanent residence) through Express Entry, there is good news for you now.There are over one million vacancies in Canada.And the high vacancy rate, combined with the low unemployment rate, provides opportunities for immigrants to fill positions.

Canada currently plans to invite the highest ever number of permanent residents in 2022 with a target of over 430,000.The goal will continue to rise to more than 450,000 by 2024, a CIC news bulletin says.Last month, another report indicated that job vacancies had reached an all-time high in some states.In Alberta and Ontario, the average of 1.1 unemployed person for each vacant post in April, against 1.2 in March and 2.4 a year earlier.There were nearly four unemployed workers for every job vacancy in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Canada has 10 lakh job vacancies! Full list

Here is the list of sectors that have maximum number of jobs:

  • The number of vacancies in the construction sector hit a new high of 89,900 in April, up 5.4% since March and nearly 45% since last April.
  • Job vacancies also reached record highs in professional, scientific and technical spheresServices; transport and storage; finance and insurance, entertainment and recreation; and real estate.
  • Employment in the educational services sector increased by 9,700 in April from the previous month, surpassing the pre-COVID-19 level of February 2020
  • Employment in the accommodation and food services has increased by more than 10% since February.

Canada has 10 lakh job vacancies! Full list

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Canada has 10 lakh job vacancies! Full list

Why Canada is inviting immigrants to apply for permanent residency?

There are many reasons why Canada invites immigrants to apply for permanent residency. Some of these reasons include the desire to diversify the population, to fill labour shortages, and to provide opportunities for people to start new lives in a new country. Canada has a long history of welcoming immigrants and continues to do so today.

Canada’s labor market has shrunk noticeably this year, with more people age 55 or older leaving the workforce and fewer people interested in joining the workforce. There are about 1 million vacancies in the country, especially summer jobs. canada government website.

CIC News said Canada’s 9 million baby boomers are expected to reach retirement age this decade.“A recent RBC survey suggested that a third of Canadians are retiring early and that three in 10 pre-retirees are changing their retirement dates due to the pandemic.Meanwhile, the fertility rate has fallen to a historic low of 1.4 children per woman in 2020.

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