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If you want to live and work permanently in Australia, you can apply for any type of work visa within the migration program as long as you meet the educational eligibility criteria.

The Australian Government divides the work visa/migration program into the following categories:

  • Regional Migration.
  • Visas for Innovation.
  • Short Stay Work Visas.
  • Temporary Work Visas.
  • Permanent Work Visas.
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Australia Work Visa Types

Australia Work Visa Types

There are different types of work visas available in Australia, but the most popular work visas include the following:

Global Talent Visa to Australia – Subclass 858. There are two routes available for the Global Talent Visa in Australia depending on your skills – the streamlined route requires you to submit documentation expressing your interest. Another Global Talent visa is permanent and you can stay in Australia indefinitely.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa to Australia – Subclass 186. The 186 visa is a permanent work visa that you can only apply for if you have a sponsor in Australia. In Australia you can choose one of the streams available for the 186 visa:

  • A direct entry stream.
  • A labour agreement stream.
  • A temporary residence transition stream.

Australia Work Visa

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Regional Sponsored Migration Visa to Australia – Subclass 187. You can apply for a 187 visa if you previously held another valid work visa in Australia and you worked for the same employer at the time.

Skilled Independent Visa to Australia – Subclass 189. The 189 visa is points-based and you must have at least 65 points from the skills table to qualify for this visa in Australia. If you are granted a 189 visa in Australia, you can stay in Australia indefinitely.

Skilled Designated Visa to Australia – Subclass 190. Visa 190 is a permanent work visa that you can only get if you are invited to apply in Australia. If you meet the points eligibility criteria, you will receive an invitation to Australia.

Permanent Skilled Regional Visa – Subclass 191. Visa 191 opens in Australia on 2023. This is also a permanent work visa, but you must have a previous Australian valid visa to apply for subclass 191.

Temporary Work Visa for Short Stay Specialist in Australia – Subclass 400. You can apply for this visa in Australia if you have special skills for short stay specialist in Australia. This visa in Australia is usually issued for 3 months, but in some cases, the Australian government can make it valid for 6 months.

Australia Temporary Work International Relations Visa – Subclass 403. Australia has six streams of this visa and each stream has requirements and specifications. You can apply for this visa in Australia depending on which profession/eligibility criteria you meet.

Temporary activity visa in Australia – Subclass 408.  Australia visa 408 is a temporary visa issued only during a pandemic to help visitors extend their previous visa. You can apply for visa 408 in Australia if you can prove that you have been affected by the global pandemic.

Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa – Subclass 476. Visa 476 is issued to recent graduates who demonstrate excellent performance in their studies in Australia. However, this visa in Australia is temporary, valid for 18 months only.

Australia Temporary Skill Deficiency Visa – Subclass 482. There are three streams available in the 482 visa in Australia that you can apply for depending on which stream is eligible/suitable for you. To get this visa, you must be nominated and sponsored by your employer in Australia. This visa is temporary, but you can apply for permanent residency in Australia after a few years.

Australian Temporary Graduate Visa – Subclass 485. For a 485 visa in Australia, you can choose between two streams depending on your occupation/qualification. For example, if you want to apply for a graduate job in Australia, your occupation must be included in the list of skilled occupations. Regardless of the stream you choose, visa 485 is only granted by the Australian government for a period of two to four years of temporary validity. You need to apply for another work visa to get a permanent visa in Australia.

Australia Skilled Territorial (Temporary) Visa – Subclass 489. If you previously held a skilled regional visa, you can apply for a 489 visa in Australia. Australian visa 489 is also temporary, but you can apply for a permanent resident visa in Australia after a few years.

Skilled Work Regional Visa to Australia – Subclass 491. A 491 visa is only issued to highly-skilled, qualified people in Australia. In Australia you must meet the points requirements for a visa 491 and submit an expression of interest. After three years with a 491 visa, you can apply for permanent residence in Australia.

Skilled Employer Australian Sponsored Regional Visa – Subclass 494. With a 494 visa, you will be allowed to work in Australia in certain areas where your sponsoring employer has nominated you. This visa is temporary and valid for five years – but you can apply for permanent residence after three years if you feel eligible for permanent residence.

Australia Skilled Regional Visa – Subclass 887. Visa 887 is a permanent Australian visa that you can apply for if you have previously held a short-term work visa.

Is there any age limit for working visa in Australia?

Australia has an age limit for most work visas. Generally in Australia, you must be under 45 or under 50 to be eligible for a work visa. However, for some work visas, there is no age requirement – this will vary depending on the type of work visa you are applying for in Australia.

Australia Work Visa Processing Times? 

Most work visas in Australia are processed within one or two years. However, note that processing times are not guaranteed and many factors will affect the length of the review period.

Some short-term visas to Australia can be processed within a few months, and some streams within Australia’s visa subclasses can be processed more quickly. No matter how long it takes, processing time is always prolonged if something is missing from your application.Open photo

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How much does a work visa cost in Australia?

Australian work visas range from AUD315 to AUD4,115. Sometimes in Australia, within a certain subclass, depending on which stream you are applying for, you don’t have to pay the visa fee in Australia.

However, most Australian visas require you to pay an additional fee. For example, you must pay an additional fee for each family member applying with you in Australia, and some Australian visas require you to pay a second installment fee for family members whose English is not satisfactory. You can find the full fee here.

Do I Have to Be Nominated for a Work Visa?

Not for all work visas. Some Australian work visas are sponsor-based and you must have valid sponsorship and nomination in Australia to apply for the visa. However, there are work visas in Australia where you do not need to be nominated, such as the 189 visa or the 476 visa.

Can I Apply with My Family Members for a Work Visa in Australia?

Yes, you can bring your family members to Australia for most work visas. But there are rules on who is considered a family member in Australia. Most often a family member is your partner, spouse, child or grandchild.

However, not all work visas in the world follow the same policy, with some work permits allowing you to bring only your partner or a family member; It will also depend on which visa you are applying for. For example, a domestic worker stream for visa 403 in Australia does not allow you to bring your family members to Australia.

Can I live permanently in Australia with a work visa?

Most work visas in Australia are permanent visas, which automatically make you a permanent resident. However, if you have a temporary work visa in Australia, You can apply for a permanent visa in Australia if you work and live in Australia for a few years and you meet the conditions of your self-imposed visa, then you can get a chance to live in Australia permanently.


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