How to Apply Student Visa in Malaysia from Bangladesh

You will find all the tips to get student visa from Bangladesh to Malaysia in this post. Bangladeshi students will need a valid student pass, passport and visa to study in Malaysia. So you can apply for student visa from Bangladesh to Malaysia. According to Malaysian law, only Malaysian public or private institutions under the Ministry of Higher Education or Ministry of Home Affairs can invite Bangladeshi students.

To get a Malaysian student visa, you must first apply for a student pass. Once your approved temporary student passes you will be issued a student visa to enter Malaysia. You will get full student visa from Bangladesh to Malaysia. You will need both a student pass and a visa to study in Malaysia.

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Malaysia Student Visa Process From Bangladesh

Visa Fees:

  1. Student Pass – US$ 17.65 a year or part of a year.
  2. Visa – fees charged depending on the country. It does not exceed US$ 29.41.

Other Fees: 

Security or Personal Bond – US$ 220.54 (refundable) for Bangladeshi students in Malaysia.

Photography Specification: Recent passport size photograph (6 months previous photograph cannot be given)

The photograph should be:

  • Must be clear and good quality photos.
  • Cannot be framed in any way.

How to Apply Student Visa in Malaysia from Bangladesh

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Applicants must provide the following documents:

Your student visa application form is completed and signed by the applicant. Offer letter from educational institution approved by Pass and Permit Department and Immigration Headquarters Malaysia.

  • Two photocopies of passports.
  • Two passport sized photographs.
  • Evidence of full time course of study that has been approved by the Minister of Home Affairs.
  • Evidence of financial capability to meet course and other expenses.
  • Evidence of Employment.
  • Health certificate.
  • Evidence of security and personal bond.
  • Students have to show their approval letters upon arrival.
  • Special Pass will be issued to refer them to the respective State Immigration Department for issuance of Student Pass.
  • Educational organizations representative is required to receive and attend to the student on arrival.

How to apply student visa to Malaysia:

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Step 1: Inquiry Form

Should the student go to the Bangladesh visa office or fill the inquiry form regarding which course, academic requirements of the student, from which group, in which year the student has taken IELTS/TOEFL? Has the student visa applicant received a passport? How long is the validity of the student’s passport? Having this information makes it easier for us to advise

Step 2: Choosing Course and Organization: 

If our counselors feel that you are a suitable Malaysian student visa applicant, the counselors will contact you via phone/email or fax for a personal meeting with your parents or guardians to gather more information about your educational record and financial capability. They will advise you which country, course and university or college is most suitable for you according to your profile and financial situation. They will present you with an overall view of the proposed country, course and institute and the relevant costs.

Step 3: Completing Course Application Form & Submitting Necessary Documents:

Once you have selected the country, course and institution of your choice, then our consultants will give you the course application form and help you fill and sign it. You are required to submit the following documents to our consultants:

  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of your educational certificates and transcripts
  • Copy of IELTS/TOEFL result sheet (If required)
  • Complete C.V
  • 10 copies of recent PP size photograph.

Step 4: student visa Confirmation of Offer

Our consultants will ensure that your application is correctly completed and meets the entry criteria for the desired academic course and will forward it to the organization along with a cover letter explaining your situation. Our counselors will keep in touch with the overseas college/university until confirmation of an offer letter is received and forwarded to you.

Step: 5: Do the student’s medical

One of the requirements to get student visa approval from Malaysia is that the student has to undergo a medical checkup from any reputed medical center. The student health examination form can be downloaded from the MOHE (Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education) website Or every institute send health exam form along with offer letter to students. Or students can collect form from our office.

Receiving Of Approval Letter:

When the student visa is approved by MOHE and Immigration Malaysia, the Malaysian agency couriers the original copy to our address. After getting the approval, we ask the students to come and collect from our office.

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Manual Visa Application form

In case of withdrawal of passports before High Commission of Malaysia, applicant must fill the the withdrawal form. Please be informed that withdrawal will be processed within 1-2 working days upon request: Download Withdrawal Form

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